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About Us

Treasure Land is a virtual world where the player’s main objective is to explore, travel and mine valuable ores which contain the TreasureLand coins (TLC). Players travel through the Treasure Land by moving with their phones in the real world.

Basic gameplay

Find, mine and process valuable ores scattered around the world in order to receive the TreasureLand coins (TLC).

Location based

Moving around the map requires actual movement in the real world. Think of it like PokemonGO with coins involved.

Mine with a mini-game

In order to begin the mining process of the ore, players must approach them and tap on the ore. This will initiate the Mining Mini-Game.

The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith can turn the player’s ore into valuable TLCs which the player can then use on his further adventures inside the Treasure Land, or sell them on an exchange.

The Coin

Treasure Land Coin uses private blockchain technology. Although it is designed to enable private blockchains.
Our blockchain provides maximal compatibility with the bitcoin ecosystem, including the peer-to-peer protocol, transaction/block formats and Bitcoin Core APIs/runtime parameters.

Maximum security/

Our blockchain technology provides TLC with the best possible protection from known attacks.

/Public code

Our blockchain code is available on github. Check it out

Minimal Block time/

With a block time of ~ 2 seconds,
we make sure coins are
transferred in no time.

/Constant development

Development of the blockchain never stops. We are always updating with new features.

Full wallet support/

TLC offers several wallet options. We can host your wallet online or you can take it offline.

/Public trading

We are always working bringing TLC to the best, biggest exchanges.







Embark on an epic journey

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